IKUWA 4 a Zara, dal 29 settembre al 2 ottobre: il programma degli interventi

Manca poco all'inizio dell'IKUWA4, il IV Convegno Internazionale di Archeologia Subacquea (Zara, Croazia, 29 settembre - 2 ottobre 2011) di cui avevamo dato notizia alcuni mesi orsono (in questo post).
All'importante evento, che verterà sul tema "Managing the Underwater Cultural Heritage" prenderanno parte numerosi archeologi subacquei di fama internazionale, dai padroni di casa croati ai loro colleghi italiani, inglesi, francesi, australiani, cinesi, russi, finlandesi, turchi, egiziani, tedeschi, polacchi, svedesi, norvegesi, danesi, estoni, giapponesi, portoghesi, greci, montenegrini.
Di seguito, il ricchissimo programma ufficiale degli interventi, dal sito http://www.ikuwa4.com

Official opening of the IKUWA 4 Conference

Mesić, Jasen  Research and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage: yesterday, today, tomorrow
Yorke, Robert The United Kingdom and the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
Viduka, Andrew 1976 and Beyond-Managing Australia’s underwater cultural heritage
Oxley, Ian Managing UCH in Austerity – the English heritage experience
Blue, Lucy Managing the Underwater Cultural Heritage – MAST a perspective from the Gulf
Manders, Martijn / Vatcharankul, Erbprem Heritage awareness, an inductive and deductive approach
L`Hour, Michel In situ preservation, pro & contra
Kowalski, Wojciech Legal framework of management of the underwater cultural heritage
Bleile, Ralf Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Baltic Sea –Common past, common responsibility and common chance
Shuguang, Liu Underwater Archaeology in China
Eberschweiler, Beat / Hafner, Albert Managing the underwater cultural heritage: The UNESCO World heritage Candidature "Prehistoric Pile Dwellings around the Alps"
Gaspari, Andrej / Erič, Miran / Poglajen, Sašo Towards the Integrated Management Strategy for Preservation of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Slovenian Territorial Waters
Fozzati, Luigi / Zarattini, Annalisa The Archeomar Project
Fazlulin, Sergey Russian underwater cultural heritage:  problems and perspectives

Beattie-Edwards, Mark Experience is everything – the Norman’s Bay Diver Trail
Bekić, Luka / Pešić, Mladen Bay of Veštar site and the management of the project
Benitez Cabrera, Cabrera / Bolanos, Antonio Becerra / Millares, Michel Jorge
Underwater Virtual Maritime Museum in Canary Islands: website and reality proposals

Della Porta, Katerina Underwater Archaeological Sites Management & Tourism Development
Sanna, Laura / Gambaro, Luigi / Grimaudo, Giusi / Tiboni, Francesco
In situ protection and development of the Roman Wreck from Santo Stefano al Mare: the submerged museum project

Tusa, Sebastiano Managing of marine cultural heritage in Sicily
Khalil, Emad The Study and Magaement of underwater site of Marsa Bagoush, Egypt
Momber, Garry The Atlas of the 2Seas: giving access to the submerged cultural heritage
Mates Luque, José Manuel
Ask not what underwater heritage can do for you, ask what you can do for underwater heritage´. A view from Biscay (Basque Country, Spain)

Scott-Ireton, Della / McKinnon, Jennifer F.
Management and Engagement: Using Maritime Heritage Trails to Interpret and Protect Submerged WWII Heritage from the Battle of Saipan

Martin, Hanz Gunter / Winterstein, Peter Chances and Limits of NGOs in Underwater Cultural Management
Rodrigues, Jennifer / Richards, Vicki A Proposal for the management of Australia’s Private Shipwreck Collections
Eriksson, Niklas / Ronnby, Johan The Ghost ship – deepwater archaeology in the Baltic Sea
Scott-Ireton, Della Sailing the SSEAS: A New Program for Public Engagement in Underwater Archaeology
Sharfman, Jonathan / Parthesius, Robert
Who gives a damn? – Developing relevant tools for the management of maritime and underwater cultural heritage sites in the developing world

Skoglund, Fredrik "Shipwreck managment through sponsorship; creating cultural heritage awareness amongst Norwegian divers"
Tikkanen, Sallamaria The Project Vrouw Maria Underwater: Public Access via a Blog Site, a Virtual Simulation and an Exhibition
Varinlioglu, Güzden / Reinfeld, Michaela / Ceylan, Hande / Koşgeroglu, F. Emrah
The Young Archaeopark Project:A Public Awareness and Preservation Project on Underwater Cultural Heritage, Kaş, Turkey

Tuddenham, David Berg Norwegian Cultural Heritage Management under water; shipwrecks, underwater technology and maritimity
Brady, Karl / Moore, Fionnbarr Management and Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage in the Republic of Ireland: Quantification, Survey, Excavation & Conservation
Radić Rossi, Irena / Giulia Boetto Research Strategies in the Field of Maritime & Nautical Archaeology: Long-Term Joint Franco-Croatian Research Project in the Bay of Caska, Island of Pag, Croatia
Roio, Maili / Asmer, Marii Underwater Cultural Heritage in Estonia: management and public awareness
Angelova, Hristina / Draganov, Vesselin / Prahov, Nayden / Stoyanov, Totko / Dimitrov, Kalin / Popov, Anton / Kotse, Alexander / Dimitrov, Stelian Predictive modeling and management of underwater cultural heritage
Bartoli, Dante G. Using GIS to Manage Underwater Sites: Georeferencing Two Years of ProMare Field Work in Italy
Barišić, Matko / Gambin, Timmy / Radić Rossi, Irena / Kruschel, Claudia
TRITON – Deep Water Heritage Research Project; 2010 Research Campaign, Island of Hvar, Croatia

Hayashida , Kenzo / Iwabuchi, Akifumi / Takano, Shinji / Nogami, Takenori
The Database of Underwater Cultural Heritages around Japan

Weerts, Henk / Borst, Wil / Cohen, Kim / Den Ouden, Natasja / Guiran, Ton / Hijma, Marc / Mol, Dick / Otte, Andrea / Reumer, Jelle / Roebroeks, Wi / Smit, Bjorn / Westerhoff, Thijs / Vellinga, Tiedo / Vos, Peter / Van Kolfschoten, Wim
Maasvlakte 2 (Port of Rotterdam), a showcase of interdisciplinary research of drowned landscapes

Salter, Edward Managing submerged prehistoric landscapes; an English Heritage perspective
Satchell, Julie Maritime Archaeological Archives in the UK: Collections, Access & Management Challenges
Zarattini, Annalisa / Gambin, Timmy / Ritondale, Manuela Underwater research off the Pontine Islands (Italy)
San Claudio, Miguel Underwater archaeology in Galician waters, Spain
Del Cairo Hurtado, Carlos Maritime warfare landscapes in  Bocachica, Cartagena de Indias. Colombia. 18th century
Lukoshkov, Andrey / Prokhorov, Roman "Findings and Researchers of Sunken Ships as Part of Researching Project of Historical Trade Routes in North-West Russia"
Pomian, Iwona From Rutilus to MACHU project - some experience on the way to create management system for underwater cultural heritage in Poland
Jinliang, Qu Spots or Routes? -- A comparative View on Managing Underwater Heritage in Concept, with Some Chinese Cases
Blue, Lucy / Hill, Jeremy /  Ross, Thomas / Khalil, Emad
New light on the vessels of Indo-Roman trade: Roman period shipwrecks in the northern Red Sea

Brusić, Zdenko / Parica, Mate
Silba Pocukmarak - project of underwater archaeological park

Ilkić, Mate / Meštrov, Marko
Pakoštane – presentation and valorization of archaeological material from the Roman port

Koncani Uhač, Ida / Uhač, Marko
Zambratija boat in the context of Mediterranean shipbuilding

Miholjek, Igor / Beltrame, Carlo
St. Paul wreck – project of international collaboration in research and protection

Monteiro, Alexandre
Whosegoldisthis? The Namibia shipwreck: a tale of red tape and dragging feet

Olkhovskiy, Sergey / Kuznetsov, Vladimir
Underwater Researches at Phanagoria

Tusa, Sebastiano / Royal, Jeffrey / Gambin, Timmy
Managing deep sea archeological wrecks

Reida, Roman / Beylina, Svitlana
Tauric Chersonesos’ Underwater Research

Zagarčanin, Mladen / Blue, Lucy / Trakadas, Athena / Le Quesne, Charles / Zdravković, Petra
Montenegrin Maritime Archaeological Research Project (MMARP)

Johannessen, Jorgen
Cultural landscape and structural history - a case study from an underwater archaeological site in southern Norway

Kuzman, Pasko / Todoroska, Valentina
Underwater cultural heritage of lake Ohrid with the presentation of the reconstruction of a palafit settlement in the Bay of the Bones at Gradiste, Ohrid region, R.M.

Banchieri, Daria Giuseppina
Isolino Virginia, the most ancient pile dwelling around the Alps: research results from Varese lake (Lombardy-Italy)

Mazurkievich, Andrey / Dolbunova, Ekaterina
Underwater heritage of North-Western Russia: problems of investigation and conservation

Poggiani, Raffaella / Baioni, M. / Cesi, Adele / Grassi, Barbara / Mangani, Claudia / Martinelli, Nicolleta / Ruggiero, Maria Giuseppina
Prehistoric pile dwellings around the Alps, world heritage nomination: strengths and weaknesses of managing the underwater sites of Lombardy (Italy)

Schlitzer, Ulrich
Rose Island in Lake Starnberg. A Bavarian lake-shore settlement

Stepanov, Aivar / Troianovskiy, Sergey
The great bridge of medieval Novgorod:newly discovered underwater treasury of old-Russian res publica

Zubčić, Krunoslav
A new approach to research of river archaeology in Northern Croatia

Rutter, Anya
Networking the past – the Seljuk shipyard of Alanya/Turkey

Blackman, David / Lentini, Maria Costanza
The conservation of ancient dockyard sites

Dal Ri, Cristina / Bellintani, Paolo / Macchioni, Nicola / Pizzo, Benedetto / Capretti, Chiara
Preliminary studies for the conservation of the wooden poles of the pile dwelling in Fiave (North east Italy)

Fix, Peter/ Radić Rossi, Irena / Radović, Mate
Waterlogged wood preservation problems; The case of the Mediaeval Boats of Nin

Gusar, Karla / Parica, Mate
Some examples of presentation of archaeological material found in rescue underwater excavations in Croatia

Henderson, Jon C. / Gallou, Chrysanthi / Sakellariou, Dimitris / Spondylis, Elias
Preserving a submerged Bronze Age city: The Pavlopetri Underwater Archaeological Project

Nayling, Nigel / Jones, Toby
Managing the Evidence - Implications of Digital Developments on the Documentation, Analysis, Presentation and Archiving of Ship Hull Assemblages

Huet, Nathalie
First aids for underwater cultural heritage : preventive conservation from excavation to museum

Kottawa Jedehige, Gamini Saman
My Experience of conserving the Maritime ceramic artefacts found at the Shipwrecking Avondster

1 OTTOBRE 2011
Benjamin, Jonathan
Management, research and the new economy: recent developments in the coastal and marine archaeology of Scotland

Benjamin, Jonathan
Management, research and the new economy: recent developments in the coastal and marine archaeology of Scotland

Dencker, Jørgen
Managing the Nord Stream project through Danish waters

Sorokin, Petr / Stepanov, Aivar
The shipwrecks in the Eastern part Gulf of Finland in the Russian Zone of project "Nord Stream"

Vangstad, Hilde
Bjørvika, Oslo harbour - a Norwegian example of the new millennia's "post-port" urban seaside.  A brief presentation of maritime constructions, boats, artefacts and cultural layers uncovered en route to the future city centre

Bita, Caesar
Management of Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage in Kenya

Capulli, Massimo / Pellegrini, Alessandro / Rizzotto, Riccardo / Traviglia, Arriana
The archaeological impact evaluation as a helpful tool in the planning stage of large scale construction projects: The case of P.I.F. in Venice lagoon

Genio, Margarida
The "Black Swan" Treasure: A lesson for future management of underwater cultural heritage

Gusick, Amy E. / Faught, Michael K.
The State of Underwater Archaeology for CRMs and Industry in Northern America  A View from the Pacific Coast

Bettencourt, José / Carvalho, Patrícia
Rescue archaeology in harbour construction projects: the case of Horta bay (Azores, Portugal)

Manders, Martijn / Gregory, David Developing a guideline for in situ preservation of shipwrecks
Mainberger, Martin A 14th-century Shipwreck from Reichenau Island, Lake Constance (Germany): Excavation, Documentation, and in-situ Conservation
Steyne, Hanna / MacLeod, Ian Heritage Management Nirvana: combining outreach, research and conservation in the management of historic shipwrecks in Victoria, Australia
Watkins-Kenney, Sarah Management for Conservation of North Carolina’s Underwater Cultural Heritage
Dillenia, Ira / Nur Amri, Syahrial Management model of marine archaeological remains based on ecosystems of Natuna sea, Indonesia
Frigerio, Alberto The clash of interests in the management of the underwater cultural heritage
Donnabella, Gaetano / Iorio, Fabio / Peretta, Francesco / Zarattini, Annalisa The SIMAR project
Capulli, Massimo The wreck of Rocchetta 1: documentation and preservation
Bezak, Jurica Protection and managing of underwater cultural heritage in Croatia
Pflederer, Tobias Recently discovered logboats in Bavaria – the question of proper conservation and protection


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