7th International Symposium on Underwater Research - WROCŁAW 2013

C'è tempo fino al prossimo 15 febbraio per chi fosse intenzionato a presentare un contributo al 7th International Symposium on Underwater Research, in programma a Breslavia, in Polonia, dal 20 al 22 marzo. L'anno scorso l'interessante rassegna si tenne a Kemer, in Turchia, nell'ambito degli International Kemer Underwater Days .

Riportiamo di seguito il comunicato ufficiale


The Symposium is scheduled to be held on March 20-22, 2013 in Wrocław (South-West Poland). It aims to foster interaction among all concerned academicians, practitioners and researchers from different disciplines working on underwater sciences and research. Furthermore, it is anticipated to provide a platform for exchange of scientific and technical information and experiences among participants.
The localization of the symposium will be in Poland in the centre of Europe. This location will help to exchange the experiences between the participants from the Mediterranean, Baltic and North Seas regions. The participants are working in the rivers and lakes are welcome too.

The main thematic areas and topics of symposium are as follows:
1. History of the underwater archaeology and research;
2. Underwater and maritime archaeology;
3. Shipbuilding and ship constructions;
4. Museology and conservation of the underwater heritage;
5. Communication and media studies (education and careers in underwater technology, underwater documentation, etc.);
6. Photography (photography and visualization at underwater research, image interpretation, etc.);
7. Ecology and environment (coral reefs, artificial reefs, marine pollution, etc.);
8. Geology and earth sciences (costal zone management, underwater marine mapping, navigation, etc.);
9. International and local law systems of protection the cultural and natural underwater heritage;
10. Technology (development in diving technology, equipments, undersea vehicles, etc.);
11. Medicine and first aid (diving safety, first aid, diving physiology, etc.);
12. Living resources (underwater visual census, behavior of organisms, etc.);
13. Engineering (platform and marine systems design, construction, installation, etc.);
14. Tourism (commercial diving, underwater games, recreation, ecotourism, tourist submersibles, marine aquariums, etc.)


Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences
The Centre of the Late Antique and Early Medieval Research in Wrocław
General Association of Mediterranean Archaeology (GAMA)
Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies University of Wrocław

Divers Alert Network (DAN Europe)

Application for lectures and poster presentation on the main topics are highly appreciated. The paper presentation time is limited to 20 minutes.
Please send your abstract in English (up to 250 words) to:
Dr. Błażej Stanisławski (st-wski@wp.pl) and Dr. Hakan Oniz (hakan.oniz@gmail.com)
Deadline for application: February 15, 2013.
The registration fee for speakers and authors is 50 € (for each) until 1 February 2013, rising to 70 € after 1 February 2013.
Symposium languages for the presentations are English and Russian. Symposium language for the publishing to the abstracts and proceeding book is English.
Proceedings of the symposium will be published in Poland.

Scientific Committee:prof. dr. Andrzej Buko
Prof. dr. Wojciech Chudziak
Prof. dr. Andrzej Pydyn
Prof. dr. Sławomir Moździoch
Prof. dr. Ahmet Adil Tırpan
Prof. dr hab. Gościwit Malinowski
Prof. dr. Pietro Militello
Prof. dr. Asuman Baldıran
Assoc. Prof. dr. Murat Egi
Assoc. Prof. dr. Ertekin Doksanaltı
Dr. Sergey Fazlulin
Dr. Błażej Stanisławski
Dr. Hakan Oniz
Dr. Burak Ali Cicek
Dr. Michele Stefanile
Dr. Bulent Gozcelioglu

Organizing Committee:
Dr. Hakan Oniz (Head of the Committee)
Dr. Błażej Stanisławski (Head of the Committee)
Dr. Burak Ali Cicek (Head of the Committee)
Dr. Michele Stefanile
Milorad Duknic
Karolina Trusz
Ceyda Oztosun

The Organizing Committee cordially invite you to come to Wroclaw – the captivating city in the South-West Poland, the centre of science and culture. More information about the city at www.wroclaw.pl (in English, Russian, Italian, Spanish, German and French).
The place of the symposium will be the building of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences (Więzienna St. 6) and the conferences hall of Wroclaw University – both situated in the Old City of Wroclaw.

How to come? :

By car: The highway E 40 (A4)

By train: The connections with Warsaw, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Kiev, Lviv and via Warsaw with Moscow, more international and local connections of Polish railway at www.pkp.pl (in English, Russian and German)

By plane: Air port Wroclaw (www.airport.wroclaw.pl) – the connections (with cheap air lines: Wizzair and Ryanair, and LOT, Lufthansa and Qatar Airlines) with Warsaw and Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Germany, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and charter airlines with Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain; and many air connections via air ports in Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice and Kraków


Wroclaw is offering the different kinds of accommodation. More information at www.booking.com/city/pl/wroclaw.pl


Dr.Błażej Stanisławski, Institute of Archaeology and EthnologycPolish Academy of Sciences, Więzienna St. 6, 50-118 Wrocław, Poland
Tel. +48 71 344 16 08, Fax +48 71 344 33 52



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