7th International Symposium on Underwater Research, Wroclaw

E' previsto per domani, a Breslavia, l'inizio del 7th ISUR (International Symposium on Underwater Research). Riportiamo, di seguito, il programma completo dei lavori.

20-22.03.2013 WROCŁAW (POLAND)

1st DAY: WEDNESDAY 20 March
09:00 – Registration
10:00 – Opening Session
Welcome by prof. Gościwit Malinowski (Head of Institute of Classical, Mediterranean and Oriental Studies University of Wrocław)
Welcome by prof. Sławomir Moździoch (Head of Wrocław Department of Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences)
Welcome by prof. Ahmet Adil Tirpan (Head of Department of Archaeology Selcuk University in Konya - Turkey)
Welcome by dr. Murat Egi (Divers Alert Network Europe)
Welcome by dr. Sergey Fazlullin (Institute of Oceanology Russian Academy of Sciences)
Welcome by dr. Hakan Oniz (Department of Archaeology Selcuk University, Konya, Coordinator of UNESCO Underwater Archaeology Unitwin Network
10:30 - Special lecture by Nihal Tirpan – vice-director of Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Ankara
Session 1:
Chair: Hakan Oniz
11:20 - Hayat Erkanal (Ankara) - Limantepe Underwater Excavation
11:40 - Michele Stefanile (Napoli) - The project PILAE, for an inventory of the submerged Roman piers. A preliminary overview
12:00 - Dmitry Pospelov (Tula), Natalia Melnikova (Tula) - Underwater-archaeological works on localization of the antique lighthouse of the Tarkhankut Cape (the Crimea, Ukraine)
12:20 - Discussion
12:40 - Coffee
Session 2:
Chair: Tomasz Herbich
13:00 - Ahmet Adil Tirpan (Konya) - Underwater Archaeology in Turkey
13:20 - Wojciech Kowalski (Warsaw) - Legal framework of the protection of underwater heritage
13:40 - Viktor Sychev (Moscow), Sergey Fazlullin (Moscow), Svetlana Dunchevskaya (Moscow) - Potential objects of the underwater archaeology in Eastern Europe
14:00 - Discussion
14:30-16:00 - Lunch break
Session 3:
Chair: Dmitry Pospelov
16:00 - George Indruszewski (Roskilde) - The ship graveyard from Roskilde Fjord: a sunken history of Northern European Shipbuilding Technology from the High Middle Ages'
16:20 - Asuman Baldiran (Konya) - A settlement at the coast of Sugla lake: Yalihoyuk
16:40 - Sergey Olkhovskiy (Moscow) - Using the photogrammetry for research of Phanagorian shipwreck
17:00 - Discussion
17:20 - Coffee
Session 4:
Chair: Ahmed Adil Tirpan
17:40 - Hakan Oniz (Konya) - Ancient Harbours and Anchorages of Antalya
18:00 - Magdalena Nowakowska (Warsaw), Viacheslav Gerasimov (Kiev) - ‘Crimea Project - Underwater Expedition’: From the Cape Aju-Dah until Mys Plaka. First
results of underwater research in the years 2008-2011
18:20 - Ewa Owczarek (Toruń) - Olbia 2011: Archaeological research on the submerged part of ancient city
18:40 - Bulent Gozcelioglu (Ankara) - Contribution to the knowledge of the Demospongiae (Porifera) fauna of Turkey
19:00 - Discussion
20:00 - Dinner
2nd DAY: THURSDAY 21 March
Session 5:
Chair: George Indruszewski
09:00 - Viktor Sychev (Moscow), Sergey Fazlullin (Moscow) - Underwater hydro acoustic navigation systems for the underwater archaeology
09:20 - Murat Egi (Istanbul), Tamer Ozyigit (Istanbul) - Development of a wireless dive computer - mobile phone interface to relay profile information to diving databases
09:40 - Adam Szynkiewicz (Wrocław) - Ground penetrating radar (GPR) for shallow underwater archaeological investigation
10:00 - Discussion
10:20 - Coffee
Session 6:
Chair: Andrzej Pydyn
10:40 - Jean Piere Imbert (France), Murat Egi (Istanbul) – Non extensive Approach to Thermodynamics: Application to Micro-Bubbles. Modeling in Decompression
11:00 - Kamran Kamaei (Famagusta) - Computer technology on underwater detection devices
11:20 - Aleksey Tarasov (Moscow), Pavel Groznodumov (Moscow), Sergey Fazlullin (Moscow) - The conservation of large constructions of waterlogged archeological wood
11:40 - Discussion
12:00 - Coffee
Session 7:
Chair: Asuman Baldiran
12:20 - Igor Drankevich (S. Petersburg) - Archaeological Park as an object of the recreation area on the example of designing of the eco – archaeological park «Onega Petroglyphs»
12:40 - Salvatore Agizza (Salerno) - A project proposal for the construction of underwater archaeological nature routes into the Protected Marine Area of Santa Maria di
13:00 - Sergey Fazlullin (Moscow), Kira Fazlullina (Moscow) - "Chernomor" Underwater Park Project
13:20 - Discussion
14:00-15:30 – Lunch break
Session 8:
Chair: Sergey Fazlullin
15:30 - Andrzej Pydyn (Toruń) - Early Iron Age lakeside dwellings from central-western Poland
15:50 - Murat Egi (Istanbul), Costantino Balestra (Brussels), Mirac Memisoglu (Istanbul), Nicola Donda (Trieste) - The use of Flicker Fusion Frequency for Adjusting
the Conservatism of a Dive Computer
16:10 - Mateusz Popek (Toruń), Paweł Stencel (Toruń) - Shallow water archaeology – example of Lake Długie
16:30 - Oktay Dumankaya (Konya) - The dock of Koyunbaba ancient stone quarry - Mugla
16:50 - Discussion
17:10 - Coffee
Session 9:
Chair: Sławomir Moździoch
17:30 - Kazimierz Grążawski (Olsztyn) - Underwater verifying investigations in the zone of Brodnica Lakes in Northern Poland
17:50 - Krzysztof Radka (Toruń) - Bridges of Ostrów Lednicki
18:10 - Dmitry Pospelov, Natalia Melnikova - The underwater-archaeological project “The Great Rivers of Russia”
18:30 - Małgorzata Mileszczyk (Warsaw) - West Baltic Barrow Culture Lake Dwelling
from Rybno, Piłakno Lake - the Optimistic Approach
18:50 - Discusion
19:10 - Hakan Oniz and Sławomir Moździoch - Closing remarks
20:00 – Closing Dinner
3rd day: FRIDAY 22 March
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences
Więzienna Str. 6, 50-118 Wrocław
Historical Institute University of Wrocław
Szewska Str. 49, 50-139 Wrocław
Dr. Hakan Oniz – Department of Archaeology Selcuk University, Konya/Turkey;
Coordinator of UNESCO Underwater Archaeology Unitwin Network
Dr. Błażej Stanisławski – Centre for Late Antique and Early Medieval Studies Institute
of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław/Poland
Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences
Centre for Late Antique and Early Medieval Studies in Wrocław
General Association of Mediterranean Archaeology (GAMA)


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