International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 42/2

Segnaliamo l'uscita di un nuovo numero dell'International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, la prestigiosa rivista di archeologia marittima pubblicata sin dal 1972 dalla Nautical Archaeology Society.
Di seguito segnaliamo, come di consueto, la lista dei contributi:

International Journal of Nautical Archaeology  42/2 - sept.2013 

Mapping Submerged Archaeological Sites using Stereo-Vision Photogrammetry (pages 243–256); Jon Henderson, Oscar Pizarro, Matthew Johnson-Roberson and Ian Mahon
Survey Results from Lagos Bay, Portugal (pages 257–269); Tiago Miguel Fraga
Graphical Reconstruction and Comparison of Royal Boat Iconography from the Causeway of the Egyptian King Sahure (c.2487–2475 BC) (pages 270–285); Samuel Mark
The Shipwrecks of Xlendi Bay, Gozo, Malta (pages 286–295); Elaine Azzopardi
Fragments of Boats from the Canale Anfora of Aquileia, Italy, and Comparison of Sewn-Plank Ships in the Roman Era (pages 296–304); Carlo Beltrame and Dario Gaddi
The Byzantine-Period Dor 2006 Shipwreck, Israel: preliminary hull construction report (pages 305–325); Rika Navri, Yaacov Kahanov and Deborah Cvikel
High-Resolution 3D Marine Seismic Investigation of Hedeby Harbour, Germany (pages 326–336); Christof Mueller, Susanne Woelz and Sven Kalmring
Medieval Carved Ship Images Found in Nordic Churches: the poor man's votive ships? (pages 337–347); Christer Westerdahl
Early Modern Merchant Ships, Nicolaes Witsen and a Dutch-Flush Index (pages 348–357); Thijs J. Maarleveld
A Basque Shipyard Design Method of the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries, and its Relationship to Non-graphic Hull Design of the 15th Century (pages 358–364); Juan Pablo Olaberria and Iñaki Olaizola
The Western River Steamboat Heroine, 1832–1838, Oklahoma, USA: excavations, summary of finds, and history (pages 365–381); Kevin Crisman, William B. Lees and John Davis
The Mechanism and Kinetics of In Situ Conservation of Iron Cannon on Shipwreck Sites (pages 382–391); Ian D. MacLeod
British Postal Packet Hanover, 1757: a legal history (pages 392–402); Paul Fletcher-Tomenius, Dave Parham and Michael Williams

British Postal Packet Hanover, 1757: salvage and archaeology (pages 403–412); David Parham, Chris Underwood and Ruth Rhynas Brown
Recording and Documenting the Underwater Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, Stage 1: a community maritime archaeology project (pages 412–419); Bill Jeffery, Marco Li-Hen Li, Peggy Pui-Kee Wong, Lydia Wing-Chi Ho, Tammy Sau-Man Chan, Grace Sin-Man Chow and Rick Kei-Yip Chan 
Shipwrecks of the Syrian Coast (pages 419–425); Sarah M. Kampbell
A Bronze Swivel-Falcone from a 16th-Century Venetian Galley found off Candia, Crete (pages 426–429);Carlo Beltrame
Three Boats from Northern Russia in Norwegian Museums (pages 429–434); Arne Emil Christensen
On the Transition from Shell to Skeleton (pages 434–438); Patrice Pomey, Yaacov Kahanov and Eric Rieth
A Viking Age Clench-Nail Tool from Sigtuna, Sweden (page 438); Rune Edberg

Book reviews
The Ancient Sailing Season – By James Beresford (page 439); A. J. Parker
Beyond the Blue Horizon: how the earliest mariners unlocked the secrets of the oceans – By Brian Fagan (pages 439–441); John Robinson
The Gurob Ship-cart Model and its Mediterranean Context – By Shelley Wachsmann (pages 441–442); Patrice Pomey
A Categorisation and Examination of Egyptian Ships and Boats from the Rise of the Old to the End of the Middle Kingdom – By Michael Allen Stephens (pages 442–443); Damian Robinson
Canoes of the Grand Ocean – Edited by Anne Di Piazza and Erik Peartree (pages 443–445); Seán McGrail
The Archaeology of Maritime Landscapes – Edited by Ben Ford (pages 445–447); Paula Martin
Wetland Archaeology and Beyond: theory and practice – By Francesco Menotti (pages 447–449); Panagiota Markoulaki
Ancient Nets and Fishing Gear. Proceedings of the International Workshop on ‘Nets and Fishing Gear in Classical Antiquity: a first approach’, Cádiz, November 15–17, 2007 – Edited by Tǿnnes Bekker-Nielson and Darío Bernal Casasola (pages 449–450); Julia Strauss
Smakkerup Huse: a late Mesolithic coastal site in northwest Zealand, Denmark – Edited by T. Douglas Price and Anne Birgitte Gebauer (pages 451–453); David Tomalin
Being an Islander: production and identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900–1600 – Edited by James H. Barrett (pages 453–454); Joe Flatman
Survey Report of the Waters of Mado: section II – Edited by Nrimch (pages 454–456); Charlotte Horlyck
The Channel Islands 1370–1640: between England and Normandy – By Tim Thornton (pages 456–457);Susan Rose
Skjernøysund 3 Wreck: fieldwork report 2011 – Edited by Jens Auer and Thijs Maarleveld (pages 457–458); Staffan von Arbin
A Swedish Man-of-War in Dutch Waters: an archaeological field evaluation of the wreck of the Sophia Albertina – By Alice Overmeer (pages 458–459); Jens Auer
Lost at Sea, Rediscovered – By Toimittajat Eero Ehanti, Johanna Aartomaa, Irma Lounatvuori and Erik Tirkkonen (pages 459–461); Jens Auer
The Sailing Frigate: a history in ship models – By Robert Gardiner (pages 461–462); Colin Martin
El Naufragio de la HMS Swift 1770: arqueología marítima en la Patagonia – By Dolores Elkin, Cristian Murray, Ricardo Bastida, Mónica Grosso, Amaru Argüeso, Damián Vainstub, Chris Underwood and Nicolás Ciarlo (pages 462–464); Marnix Pieters
Captain Cook: master of the seas – By Frank McLynn (pages 464–465); Nigel Rigby
The British and Vis: war in the Adriatic 1805–1815 – By Malcolm Scott Hardy (page 465); Andrew Lambert
Kaigun: strategy, tactics and technology in the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1887–1941 – By David C. Evans and Mark R. Peattie (pages 466–467); Andrew Lambert
Final Report on SS City of Launceston (1863–1865), an Inter-colonial Steamship Wrecked Port Phillip, Victoria: maritime archaeological survey, excavation, artefact analysis, corrosion survey, conservation and site management 1997–2009 – Edited by Ross Anderson (pages 467–469);Julian Whitewright
Ordeal by Ice: ships of the Antarctic – By Rorke Bryan (pages 469–470); Ann Savours
Across the North Sea: later historical archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c.1500–2000 AD – Edited by Henrik Harnow, David Cranstone, Paul Bedford and Lene Høst-Madsen (pages 470–471); Joseph Flatman
Mystery Islands: discovering the ancient Pacific – By Tom Koppel (page 472); Gerald Grainge
Marine Archaeology: a handbook – By Virginia Dellino-Musgrave (pages 472–473); Antony Firth


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