International Symposium on Underwater Research - Procida 26/29.3.2014. Il programma

Riportiamo di seguito il programma dell'8th International Congress on Underwater Research, che si terrà a Procida, presso la sede della Scuola per l'Alta Formazione dell'Università di Napoli "L'Orientale", dal 26 al 29 marzo 2014.

Università di Napoli “L’Orientale” - Scuola di Procida per l’Alta Formazione 

27.3.2014 [Thursday] 

09.00 Registration 

10.00 Official Opening and welcome speech 
G. Cataldi 
H. Öniz 
C. Zazzaro 
M. Stefanile 

10.40 Inaugural Lecture 
G. Cataldi 

11.00 Archaeological Researches in the Mediterranean Sea: general session 
Chair: H. Öniz 
F. Tiboni Tyrrhenian Naval iconography during the First Iron Age: origin and evolution of the Etruscan ships 
M. Stefanile Lead ingots from the sea. New data on the exploitation of the Iberian mines through an epigraphic approach 
A. Anastasi The circulation of the Amphoras Lamboglia 2 in the South Adriatic An evolving synthesis from the underwater archaeological researches in the Albanian coast 
A. Luciano The building techinques in the medieval ports 

12. 30 Archaeological Researches in the Mediterranean Sea: Northern Italy 
Chair: C. Zazzaro 
M. Capulli The Stella river as a University laboratory for an “Archeologia delle acque” 
A. Asta - R. Cester Underwater archaeology in the Venice lagoon: new researches in S. Leonardo in Fossa Mala 
M. Capulli, L. Fozzati, A. Pellegrini Alpha Project: researches for an Archaeological Map of Venice Lagoon 

13.30 Lunch 

14.30 Archaeological Researches in the Mediterranean Sea: Central and Southern Italy 
Chair: F. Tiboni 
A. Zarattini - S.L. Trigona The Neronian harbour in Antium (Roma): researches and updates2013 M. Stefanile Reversing the perspective: Roman maritime villas from the sea 
P. Caputo - F.Avilia - R. Santonastasio New underwater archaeological discoveries in Posillipo (NA ): for a review of the archaeological map of Gunther 
S. Agizza – A. De Filippis Routes and landings on the coast of the Cilento: Licosa and surroundings from mythical suggestions to archaeological data 
M. Simeone - P. Masucci - C. De Vivo MPA Gaiola Underwater Park (Naples, Italy): a study on sea level variation and landscape modification through geo-archaeological analysis 
P. Pecci New survey of the Roman port of Punta Fuenti (Vietri sul Mare, SA, Italy): an interpretative hypothesis 
P. Caputo - G. Gomez de Ayala - R. Santonastasio Monitoring of geomorphological changes and adaptations in the anthropic landscape of ancient and modern Phlegraean coast 
V. Fronzoni Underwater discoveries around Capri island 

17.00 Coffee break 

Opening of the Photo Exhibition by M.Molino ‘The Wave of Stone’ 

17.30 Archaeological Researches in the Mediterranean Sea: Sicily 
Chair: M. Secci 
P. Tysseire Underwater Researches in Filicudi 2007-2013 
F.M.P. Carrera - M. Bonaiuto - S. Tusa San Vito Lo Capo underwater project: campaign 2013 M. Curti - F. Oliveri - S. TusaAccipe fastosum garum…”: the Porto Palo di Menfi (AG) shipwreck from excavation to museum 
L. Abelli The Roman conquest of Pantelleria island 
M.V. Agosto A possible submerged pre-neolithic site in Pantelleria island 
F. Oliveri Recent investigations along the coast between Marsala and Mazara (TP) 

19.30 Marine Biology 
Chair: M. Simeone 
H. Filiz, A. Gülşahin One Year Monitoring of Sandbar Shark from a Special Environmental Protection Area in Turkey
M. Simeone, P. Masucci, P. Barani, P. Psomadakis, C. De Vivo, D. Giordano, M. Cannella, O. Saccone, Monitoring of the coastal ecological system and GIS implementation for an interdisciplinary approach to the preservation of the MPA Gaiola Underwater Park
A. Gülşahin, G. Bilge, H. Filiz Diving Observations for Lost Fishing Gear in the Gökova Special Environmental Protection Area (SEPA), (Muğla, Turkey) 

21.00 Welcome dinner 

28.3.2014 [Friday] 

9.30 Special session: Archaeological Researches in Turkey 
Chair: M. Stefanile 
A.Tirpan Underwater Archaeology in Turkey 
A.Baldiran Underwater Archaeology projects of Selçuk University 
H. Öniz Antalya Underwater Archaeology Researches 2013 
Ö. Başibüyuk Alluvial filling in the harbour of Alanya 
C. Zor - U.C. Kazanlioĝlu Archaic shipwreck at Kekova Adasi 

11.00 Opening of the Poster session 

11.30 Archaeological Researches out of Italy 
Chair: A. Tirpan 
F. Cerezo Andreo The harbour of Carthago Nova. Harbour archaeology, urbanistic and geoarchaeology. An approach from the maritime archaeology 
A. Amato Al-Gharb port of trade 
G. Karadimios Firearms, edged weapons and parts of uniforms on board HMS St. George 
S. Fazlullin, A. Tarasov, P. Groznodumov Forming and evolution of the Smerdyachee lake, Moscow region 

13.00 Tourism and Management of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 
Chair: S. Fazlullin 
P. Caputo - G. Ayr - M. Timarco MPAs as Cultural Resources. The creation of local network for the awareness of Baia and Gaiola Underwater Park 
C. Canoro - F. Izzo -K. Keller Archaeological diving tourism: a development opportunity in Campi Flegrei area 

13.45 Lunch 

15.00 New technologies for Underwater Archaeology 
Chair: S. Agizza 
M. Secci Remote Sensing as a research tool in underwater archaeology: its value and likely applications in the Italian panorama 
S. Dunchevskaya, Y. Shabalin, R. Shumaev Bottom and underwater grottos exploration using combination of multibeam and imaging sonars 
L. Repola, R. Memmolo, D. Signoretti Instruments and methodologies for underwater 3d surveys 
F. Bruno, A. Gallo, M. Muzzupappa, L. Barbieri, F. De Filippo, A. Angilica, R. Petriaggi, B. Davidde, M. Ciabattoni, R. Mancinelli, F. Lucci, G. Gomez de Ayala, P. Caputo New technologies and tools for the documentation and restoration of submerged archaeological sites 
P. Aucelli, A. Cinque, F. Giordano, G. Mattei Geophysical survey of the near-shore sea bed off Villa del Pezzolo Roman ruins (Sorrento Peninsula, S. Italy). Preliminary results 
F. M. P. Carrera Integrated systems for positioning, communication and multimedia underwater operations: from Ru.Na to Nautilus 
D. Agostoni, C. Bionaz, R. Finotti, M. Ravasi, E. Redaelli, A. Sala, M. Speziali Teti: Integrated Technologies for the Sustainable Management of the Underwater Cultural Heritage 
G. Gallo Innovative experiences about the restoration of under water archeological wood Roundtable 

17.30 Coffee break 

18.00 Safety in Underwater Research 
Chair: H. Öniz 
S. Murat Egi, G. Thomas, M. Pieri, D. Cialoni, C. Balestra, A. Marroni Safety rules for the development of a Cognitive Autonomous Underwater Buddy (CADDY) 
C. Balestra Tentative of deco stress measurements 
Ö.D. Tezcan Unusual Cnidaria envenomations 
S. Murat Egi, M. Memisoglu, M. Pieri, F. Mert Altepkin, C. Altepe, A. Marroni Implementation of Proportional Reduction of M values decompression algorithm in a SMARTPHONE ENVIRONMENT 
J.P. Imbert, S. Murat Egi, T. Özyigit, P. Letellier Tentative modelling of the bubble filtration function of the lungs during decompression 

19.30 Closing Act 

29.3.2014 [Saturday] 

Diving day in the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae 

Poster session 
F.M.P. Carrera, M. Bonaiuto, International Fields School of Underwater Archaeology - San Vito lo Capo 
M.G. Aisa, F. Laratta, Santa Domenica di Isola Capo Rizzuto 
G. Karadimios, Pottery from Lara Bay in Antalya ,Turkey 
N. Gülşahin, A.N. Tarkan, A. Gülşahin, H. Filiz, G. Bilge, Abundance and Distribution of C. andromeda (Forsskål, 1775) [Scyphozoa, Cnidaria] by Scuba Diving in Muğla, Turkey 
M.F. La Russa, S.A. Ruffolo, A. Macchia, B. Davidde, S. Ricci, P. Caputo, A. Bonazza, G.M. Crisci, Antifouling methods for submerged Archaeological sites • G. Pullano, The Role of Lighthouses in Antiquity 
A. Cossa, Contribution for a corpus on the graffiti of Salento (Lecce, ITALY): representations of ships (XIII-XVII century). An update
T. Fragkopulou, Underwater Archaeology in the island of Crete 
C. Alfonso, Underwater photogrammetry on Mlijet wreck (Croatia) 
A. Badyagina, S. Fazlullin, Visualization of the objects of Underwater Cultural Heritage in the underwater park 
K. Fazlullina, S. Fazlullin, Technology of the saving of UCH in the form of park: project “Chernomor” 
D. Fofanov, Unmanned underwater vehicles: the experience of Russia 
R. Baldassarri, The underwater sites of Cala Tramontana and Cala Levante in the island of Pantelleria: the amphorae and the pottery


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