L'UNESCO in difesa del Patrimonio Subacqueo #2

Prosegue la campagna promossa dall'UNESCO sulle reti sociali in difesa del patrimonio subacqueo.
Di seguito, la nuova immagine virale, e il testo ufficiale allegato.

Ancient shipwrecks and sunken ruins are spectacular dive sites, and should be enjoyed by as many people as possible. However, as a diver, just remember that this heritage belongs to everyone, so please respect and protect our shared heritage! If you think you may have discovered a new site or artefact take pictures, documents its location, make notes and alert the responsible authorities. Who knows, you might just have made an important archaeological discovery!

* Dive responsibly - download the UNESCO Code of Ethics brochure for diving on submerged heritage sites:(A4 format) / (US letter format)
* Support our Convention and help protect underwater heritage
* Contact our Programme Specialist

© Harun Ozdas / UNESCO


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