A Norimberga il XX congresso DEGUWA

Inizieranno il 20 marzo le presentazioni dei 43 relatori, provenienti da 20 differenti Paesi, invitati al XX congresso di archeologia subacquea organizzato in Germania dal gruppo DEGUWA

La sede deputata quest'anno ad accogliere i convegnisti, riuniti per discutere intorno al tema "Land unter!" è la città di Norimberga.

Di seguito riportiamo il programma dettagliato degli interventi, che, come nella tradizione dei convegni DEGUWA, troveranno pubblicazione nella rivista Skyllis


Jezegou, Marie-Pierre
To built and maintain under water: a wreck of the Late Antiquity used in the repair of a
breach in the bank of the harbour channel of Narbonne
Zmaić Kralj, Vesna
Craft products of Nuremberg from the Mijoka shipwreck (Croatia)
Cohen, Maayan
The Contribution of Metal Finds to the Study of Shipwrecks: Test Case – The Akko Tower
Hoyt, Joe und Delgado, James
Exploring a Submerged WWII Battlefield: Discovery of the U-576 and Bluefield

Wood as Building Material

Liphschitz, Nili
Three Yassi Ada wrecks: a comparative dendroarchaeological investigation
Surić Roko, Šimičić Marina
New research of Suleyman Bridge in Darda, Croatia
Crespo-Solana, Ana
Wood Resources, Shipbuilding and Social Environment: A Comparative perspective in
Maritime Communities in Europe during the First Global Age (XV-XVIII)
Rocha Santos, Antonio und Trápaga Monchet, Koldo
The administration of woodlands (Coutadas, Matas y Sitios Reales), regarding naval
construction, on the Iberian Peninsula, during the 16th century

Port Structures

Olkhovskiy, Sergey
Magnetometric Survey in Phanagoria’ Water Area
Wachsmann, Shelley
The Ioppa Maritima Project
Tal, Oren und Mirkin, Dan
The Castle of Crusader Arsur (Israel) in View of Land and Maritime Investigations

Ship Iconography
Friedman, Zaraza
Why and what type of ships/boats are depicted in clay objects from the Greek Geometric to
the Roman Periods
Dellaporta, Katerina
Ships on walls: A short contribution on ship iconography from Byzantine Cyclades

Thalassocracy in Antiquity

Fantalkin, Alexander
When the River Meets the Sea: A Neo-Assyrian Logistical Network in Operation
Royal, Jeffrey G.
Exploring the Economic Factors and Landscape of Naval Warfare during the First Punic War

Villae Maritimae

Miholjek, Igor
Roman maritime villa at Vižula, Croatia
Stefanile, Michele
Living by the sea, building in the sea. Underwater researches in Roman maritime villas on the
Thyrrenian coast of Italy

Coastal Change

Momber, Garry
Early European connections across drowned landscapes
Sanna, Laura
Submerged landscapes in the Marine Cave of Bergeggi (Liguria)
Plath, Gerhard
The correlations of Phaistos, Kommos and Agia Triada under aspect of coastal alterations
Bounegru, Octavian and Caliniuc, Stefan
The Port of Histria during the Greco-Roman Antiquity. Contributions on the Geomorphology
of the Western Black Sea Basin
Özdaş Harun und Kızıldağ, Nilhan
Some submerged coastal remains in Caria and Lycia
Agizza, Salvatore
The ancient submerged landscape of MPA of Santa Maria di Castellabate
Capulli, Massimo
Archaeological landscape of Venice lagoon: the case of San Francesco island

High tide and Flood Control 

Malecha, Agnes
„... und alle waren wie Enten...“
Tisseyre, Philippe
Flood control at Lipari Harbour (Italy)
Arauner, Uwe
Flusslandschaft der Donau und Siedlungsentwicklung aus hydrogeologischer Sicht
Jeute, Gerson H.
Hochwasserprobleme in Bremen und umzu im ersten Jahrtausend n.Chr. und die
Möglichkeiten und Methoden ihrer Erforschung
Müller, Heike
Geflutetes Kulturgut – Auswirkungen des Staudammbaus auf den Denkmalbestand

Freshwater Archaeology in Poland

Pydyn, Andrzej
Prehistoric submerged settlement on the Lake Gil Wielki in the Ilawa Lake District. An
example of interdisciplinary approach
Kofel Dominika, Popek Mateusz
Water offerings from the territory of Poland as an example of aquatic relations of the
Neolithic and the Bronze Age societies
Nowakiewicz, Tomasz et al.
The Wetland and Underwater Archaeology of the Southern Baltic Zone in Antiquity:
Sacrificial Lake (Lubanowo Lake, Pommern, NW Poland)
Nowakiewicz, Tomasz und Rzeszotarska-Nowakiewicz, Aleksandra
The Wetland and Underwater Archaeology of the Southern Baltic Zone in Antiquity:
the offering-site at Nidajno Lake (Masuria, NE Poland)

Underwater Archaeology in Germany

Goldhammer, Julia und Karle, Martina
Besiedlungs- und Kulturgeschichte des Niedersächsischen Wattenmeerraums
Peukert, Detlef E.
Underwater Archaeological Discovery of "Werth-Mill“ Deserted in Medieval Times and
"Werth-Fording" in the Lahn River at Wetzlar-Garbenheim (Hesse, Germany):
Investigation of a millstone remainder used differently and the structures of the mill house
Schöbel, Gunter
Frühe taucharchäologische Untersuchungen im Verband der Deutschen Sporttaucher e.
V. in den 1950er Jahren
Hartke, Hinrich et al.
Die Anfänge einer wissenschaftlichen Unterwasserarchäologie als Komponente der Idee
einer multidisziplinären Unterwasserforschung an der Akademie der Wissenschaften der DDR

Questions concerning the UNESCO-Convention 2001

Krasteva, Mariana, Hristomir Hristov
Entwicklung der Unterwasserarchäologie in Bulgarien. Erforschung des unter Wasser
liegenden Kulturerbes
Derudder, Thary
The legal protection of wrecks of warships in the Belgian part of the North Sea:
‘maritime war graves’ or not?
The implementation of the UNESCO 2001 Convention on the Protection of the Underwater
Cultural Heritage in the Belgian legislation
Fabricius, Rolf W.
On Dive Trails and Underwater Audio Guides: Giving a Voice to Heritage on the Seabed
Perez-Alvaro, Elena
Climate change and in situ preservation of underwater cultural heritage
Timmermans, Dirk
Heritage for Reconciliation and Dialogue


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