Online il nuovo numero dell'International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. Interamente in open access!

E' online il nuovo numero (46.1) dell'International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, la prestigiosa rivista di archeologia marittima e navale della Nautical Archaeology Society, attiva sin dal 1972. Come di consueto l'elenco dei contributi è visualizzabile sul sito dell'editore Wiley, ma per questa volta tutti i papers sono stati resi disponibili in open access.

E' possibile accedere alla pagina di riferimento e scaricare i vari materiali in .pdf da questo link
Riportiamo di seguito la lista dei papers, con il link per il download

A Royal Boat Burial and Watercraft Tableau of Egypt's 12th Dynasty (c.1850 BCE) at South Abydos 
Josef Wegner

Untangling Social, Ritual and Cosmological Aspects of Fishhook Manufacture in the Middle Mesolithic Coastal Communities of NE Skagerrak
Anja Mansrud

The Harbour at Ptolemais: Hellenistic City of the Libyan Pentapolis 
Robert A. Yorke and David P. Davidson

Cutwaters Before Rams: an experimental investigation into the origins and development of the waterline ram 
William M. Murray, Larrie D. Ferreiro, John Vardalas and Jeffrey G. Royal

A Viking Ship Graffito from Kilclief, County Down, Ireland
Atthasit Sukkham, Paul S. C. Taçon, Noel Hidalgo Tan and Asyaari bin Muhamad

‘They call ’im Crowie’: an investigation of the Aboriginal significance attributed to a wrecked River Murray barge in South Australia
Amy Roberts, Wendy van Duivenvoorde, Michael Morrison, Ian Moffat, Heather Burke, Jarrad Kowlessar, John Naumann and With the River Murray and Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

The Search for the 1871 Whaling Fleet of the Western Arctic: writing the final chapter
Bradley W. Barr, James P. Delgado, Matthew S. Lawrence and Hans K. Van Tilburg

The Need for a Multivocal Approach to Researching and Managing Guam's World War II Underwater Cultural Heritage
Bill Jeffery and Kalle Applegate Palmer

Star Use by Fishermen in Oman
Harriet Nash, Dionisius A. Agius, Ali H. Al-Mahrooqi and Said A. Al-Yahyai

The Odyssey Case: press, public opinion and future policy 
Ignacio Rodríguez Temiño


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